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A Virtual Record Company for Underground Artists

Jamplifier Records shall become a "Virtual Record Company", offering free promotion, quality management tools, and absolute freedom to independent underground artists.
We live in an age of terribly bad mainstream music produced by an industry that's completely broken, thus we'd like to help all of those innovative musicians out there that are currently being ignored by traditional record companies.

Underground Music Directory

  • It's 100% FREE - publish and share your projects, bands, records, and videos on our platform, we will provide links to your website and online store(s).
  • It's for YOU - you may add your music if you're independent, or if you're publishing your music on a smaller indie label for example.
  • Focus on Quality - we're working on new ranking mechanisms that shall push artists offering innovative music.
  • All genres welcome - there's good and bas music in every genre, we will only care about the quality of your music.
  • Absolute Freedom - nothing is exclusive, you don't sign a deal, you decide everything, you keep all (copy)rights, and you may quit and leave at any time

Tools for Artists & Bands

  • Artist Community - share your knowledge and ideas.
  • Project Manager - manage your projects, bands, records, and lyrics.
  • Virtual Producer - optimize the quality of your music and your records.
  • Lyrics Writer - write any manage lyrics.
  • Artist Website Manager - build your own artist or band website.
  • Buyer's Guide & Resources - find the right stuff.
  • Music DB - discover the greatest music of all time.
  • More - studio computer, studio clock, ...
  • The Manual (eBook) - learn how to greatly improve your own music, and how to become successful with it. Not free, but not expensive either

Jamplifier Records: Studios & Label

Information will follow soon...