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About Jamplifier Records

Jamplifier Records will be an experimental "Virtual Record Company". The project is currently (as of 2021) still in development, and we will not yet release any details on what it will exactly be, or on when it will become available.

How does it work?

We're still working on it! The idea: You post your records, we rank and promote them.

How can I add my music?

Create an account on Jamplifier.com (a personal account, NOT a band account), open the Project Manager, then add your project(s) (your band for example), as well as your records. Your data will be online almost instantly, rankings should follow within a few days.

How are artists, albums, and songs ranked?

Jamplifier is about music, not about looks, and not about getting your buddies and friends to vote for you in order to improve your rankings. This is why we have implemented a ranking logic and algorithm focusing on the QUALITY OF THE MUSIC. So the best way to get good rankings on Jamplifier Records will be to produce great, innovative records.